Tips for Cybersecurity

It seems like everywhere we turn there is a story about cybersecurity. Hackers are trying to undermine the security setup to protect companies from attacks. We know that hackers are more sophisticated and are changing their techniques to stay ahead of the technology developed to keep them out. It is a vicious circle because technology is working to thwart the threat of attack. In this day and age of computers and technology how can companies, large and small, keep ahead of the ever present threat of cyberattacks.

Many times the threats vary in how they come. Some can be highly sophisticated and others are surprisingly simple, but all cyberattacks are targeted to do one thing, gain information and data to use later. There are many tactics that are used in cyberattacks including phishing scams, large data breaches, and viruses. Educating both employees and consumers is one way to help prevent some of the attacks. Everyone needs to be in charge of cybersecurity practices to help prevent future problems.

The following are ways other industries and smaller companies can improve theirĀ  cybersecurity:

  • Involve Everyone: This issue is not just and IT issue. Everyone is responsible for maintaining the companies security.
  • Be Constantly Alert: If you do not think it will happen to you, it probably will. You have to believe that you will be attacked and be prepared for what comes.
  • Have a Plan: There needs to be a written plan so if the company is attacked then there are steps and procedures in place to help fix everything. Also, practice to make sure everything work the way you want it to work.
  • Update Regularly: Make sure the products or companies used to protect you company is up-to-date and your defenses are up.
  • Extra Security for Sensitive Information: Build extra security around sensitive data, including personal information, to prevent problems. Help employees to prevent accidental exposure of data.
  • Integrate Information Security with Risk Management: This allows more people to be watching for problems and it can help keep control on problems that arise.