Increasing Productivity

Everyone is busy. Some of us seem busier than others, but there may be a way to help increase your productivity. Everyday there is more “to-dos” thrown our way that we have to manage while still getting to everything else. So how do you manage everything there is to do in only the short 24 hours we are given. The answer is not more hours, but using those hours more effectively. This does not require you to work more hours or give up family time, it just requires you to find small ways to increase your productivity in the hours you already work.

Tip 1: It is okay to say “no”

I know in the world where “yes” is king, it is hard to utter the two letters that make people gasp in horror, but it is a word that needs to be uttered more often. Don’t be afraid to say “no” in a
yes” world.

So how do you say “no” when someone asks you to do something. First, evaluate the situation or task. Ask yourself, “Am I the right person,” “Can someone else do this task instead,” “Do the task even need to be done?” Many of us are people pleasers and “no” is a hard thing to say, but it has to be done. Even when “no” is not feasible to say (everyone has bosses who ask us to do the impossible), know your goals for both your business and personal life, and use “no” when it I most valuable to you.

Tip 2: Stay Organized

Life is complicated and messy. Juggling all the commitments take either more than two arms to keep the balls in the air or a very sophisticated reminder system. This is where a good calendar system comes into play. Outlook, Google Calendar, etc. are calendars that will sync to computers, phones, and tablets. Schedule everything that is important, including doctor appointments, personal obligations, etc. You may even need to schedule work time before a deadline to make sure you have enough time to commit to the task.

Set up reminders. Many calendars allow you to set us recurring reminders to events that need to be set weekly, monthly, semi-yearly, yearly, etc. This can be helpful for birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appointments, or anything you need a reminder for. Many of the calendars also have color coding for the reminders. This will help you organize the tasks in to categories, and even critical events.

Tip 3: Take Breaks

There are times during the day when you are less productive than other. In those times, take a break, breathe, and regroup. When you are rested and refreshed you are more productive and can think clearly. Find the time when your productivity slips and use that time to watch a silly movie, take a nap, spend time with your family, or just take a brain break. It will boost your productivity and all your brain to recharge. Who knows you may even come up with a few more things you need to do.