Career Changes

Is it time to change jobs? How do you know when is the best time to change jobs? Is there ever really a good time to change jobs? These questions have plagued everyone at some point in time. Some of them are prompted be major life changes, such as graduating college, moving, or even going back to school. Other times you feel stuck in the job you are currently hired for, and you are ready for a change. Either way it is important to look at few options before making the plunge into the deep waters of job searching.

Thing to consider is:

  • Is leaving really your best option: Maybe what needs to happen is more of a lifestyle change instead of a career change. Finding a better balance with work, life, family, etc. may be the option you are looking for. If you job allows it check into option such as reduced or flexible work hours, telecommuting options. If the company is unable to meet the need, you have then maybe it is time to change jobs. I do not recommend leaving a job unless you have one lined up or can afford to leave without another job lined up.
  • Ask yourself what the problem is: Is the problem the job itself that is the problem? Or is it the conditions the job puts you in? Do you want to continue working in the same field or do you want to take an entire new direction. Moving to a different job may be the answer, but there is always the option to switch career fields.
  • Assess what you want in a career: Think about what you want in a career. Do you work better in an unstructured or structured environment? Are you comfortable with routine, or do you need a job that is constantly changing? How much energy do you want to devote to working and finding a new job?
  • Concentrate on companies that focus on the industry you are currently working in: You will be able to capitalize on you industry. You may have specific knowledge that companies are looking for, and they are looking for you.
  • Do your homework: Once you have obtained an interview or are planning on applying, do your homework. Research the company. Find out if it could be a good fit for you and your needs. Do you fill their needs? Is it something that will interest you? Will they pay enough? Do I need to acquire any new skills?

Remember if you decide to switch jobs you will not start at the top, and they may be quite a climb ahead of you. You are not there to make demands. You may need to acquire new skills or training to be able to complete you job as required. Be prepared to work hard and hopefully enjoy your new job.