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The Job Search: Finding the Right Boss

This New Year is the perfect time to find the job you have always wanted. When you consider the perfect job, remember that one of the relationships that make the job great is how well you get along with your boss. It can be hard to determine how well you will get along during the interview, but there are ways you can determine if the boss is the right boss for you. We have all had that boss that we think walks just on this side of crazy, but we don’t want to find that boss in the dream job. There are ways, even during the interview process, to determine if the boss is the right fit for you.

Knowing what to look for is the first step in determining what you want in a boss. There are minimums that must be met, such as, is the person honest. Are they offering you a sustainable job that you can contribute to in your unique way? Visualize what you want in a boss. Do you want someone who is hands on and can be a mentor? Do you want someone who will step back and let you do your job without interfering? It could be somewhere in the middle. Knowing what you want in a boss will help you evaluate your potential manager in the interview process.

The next step is to trust your instincts. Everyone has a gut feeling about other people. It is important to listen to that feeling. Were they easy to talk to? Was it difficult to get them to answers questions? Did they make you feel uneasy? It will not be big and glaring, but small and subtle. Observe how you are handled in the interview, and the way you are treated after the interview.

In the interview, you can ask questions but it is better to tread lightly. Asking too many questions about management will look like hesitancy on your part or disinterest. Phrase you questions carefully, such as, “How will my job look day-to-day,” or “How will I learn in my job?” Both give you a sense of how the manager will help, and helps you visualize your job.

The last step is to do your homework. It is in your best interest to understand the job you are applying for and the manager you will work with. Search Google and online profiles, such as LinkedIn. Know what the turnover rate is for the company. That can give you a huge clue about the company. Know what you are getting in for before you commit to the job.


Answering Weird Interview Questions

So you are sitting in an interview. It has been going well and you are feeling very good about your chances for getting the job. And then it comes. The one question you dread the most, the question that has no right answer, and you don’t know how to answer. The interview can go downhill easily after that, but there is a way to prepare for those questions that are unexpected and hard to answer. The following are a few question that you may run up against in an interview.

If you are asked questions, such as; if you were a candy bar, what would you be? What animal are you most like? Who is your favorite Disney princess? It is important to answer the question and then support your answer. For example, if I were an animal I would most associate myself with a dog because I am loyal to the company I work for and I can learn many new tasks if given the chance. With these questions, make sure your answer makes sense and give a reason related to the job as to why you picked what you did. They are trying to see if you can think on your feet and reveals hints to your personality. Remember to keep calm and don’t be afraid to go out on a limb.

If you are asked questions such as; what is your favorite color? What’s your favorite song?  Once again pick you answer and back it up. Find a way to relate it back to the company. The most important part is to tell a bit about yourself while not revealing too much. Learn to tell a story and relax. Give humor if you think it will be appreciate, but not enough to make you look like a joker. If the interview is serious, keep your answer serious. You do not want to alienate you audience.

Other questions you could be asked; describe the color yellow to someone who is blind, or what you would do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash. These questions are open to interpretation, but it is better to be over descriptive then not give enough information. I would answer each question a bit differently. For example to answer the color question, I would describe yellow as a ray of sunshine, warm and bright like spring. I would also describe it as happy and then describe something that would make someone happy.

During an interview, it is important to show who you are and find a way to make who you are fit into the company you want hired into. Be quick on your feet with your answers, and always stay calm. If you are cool, calm, and collected you have won half the battle.