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Myth vs. Fact with W-2 and 1099

Over the years, business owners have heard myths and facts related to W-2 and 1099. If they believe the myths then it could cost the business in steep fines. Let’s look at some of the facts to see if we can better prepare businesses to handle the state and federal expectations. [Read more…]


Improving Performances of New Employees

 You hire a brilliant prospect, but once they start you don’t think they are so brilliant after all. How do you bring out the shine that you saw in the interview process and bring it to your company? You need them to jump on board and quickly learn the ropes, but you are strapped for time. Whom do you turn to for help? [Read more…]


Getting Closer to Paperless

In recent years, many companies have attempted to go paperless. While this sounds like a fantastic idea, the application of this has been rather difficult. Many offices are still weighted down in a sea of paper. The problem comes in finding the right application to store, find, handle, and route documents efficiently and with minimal errors. [Read more…]


Interview Deal Breakers

This is the time of year that many people begin looking for jobs. Graduation is done and the work force is flooded with new potential. The job markets are a highly competitive, three ring circus. Each applicant is required to put their best foot forward without seeming over pushy or having excessively high exceptions. Everyone has to start somewhere and it is not usually a management position.

The most important thing is the interview. How do you set yourself apart from the whole herd of potential employees, rising to the top and claiming the prize of a good job? For many employers, there are some definite turn-offs potential employees’ display that is guaranteed to remove you from the hire list. [Read more…]