Archives for February 2015

Bridging Income for Early Retirees

If you invest your money wisely, maximized your savings, and diligently put money aside, you may be lucky enough to retire early. But how do you insure that you have enough money to live on comfortably for the duration of your retirement. This is the challenge of early retirement. How do you withdraw income from your investment portfolio, creating a steady stream of income until pensions and Social Security helps fill in the gaps. [Read more…]


Protect Yourself from Fraud

With the increase in identity theft and fraudulent activity in the last year, it is safe to say that this, unfortunately, will become an increasing trend with companies. Cyber attacks are becoming more and more advanced, although simple methods are still used to steal information for fraud and financial crimes. So how can companies help prevent identity theft, and protect their costumers? [Read more…]


Offering Penalty Relief for Overpayment

Recently the IRS has issued a notice that provides a form of relief this tax season for taxpayers who find out they received an overpayment of premium tax credits when they bought health care under the Affordable Care Act.

How can a person have a credit? When enrolling, a taxpayer can receive assistance in in paying premiums with a qualifying health plan. These premiums are paid through advance payments of the premium tax credit. The payments are paid directly to the insurance provider, and the amount of the advanced payment is determined by household income and family size for the coverage year. Taxpayers claim the premium tax credit on the income tax return for the taxable year of coverage determining the amount of credit is based on the information supplied on the tax return. So how does that leave a credit? If circumstances change during the taxable year, the result in the difference could cause an overage. [Read more…]


College Loans and Income-Based Repayment

Repayment of college loans is a burden most undergraduates face upon leaving college. This is an important topic for most young professionals starting their careers. In recent years, there have been changes to how student loans are governed and who is responsible for the loans. [Read more…]