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Why to Consider Internal Auditing for Your Business

Internal Auditing and Assurance ServicesMost business owners cringe at the word “audit,” but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, an internal audit can be a very beneficial procedure for your business to go through. Rather than completing an audit on your own, which can cause you to bring in your biases and background knowledge to explain away the potential problems, consider hiring CPAs to complete an internal audit. This procedure can lead to several benefits. [Read more…]


Struggling to Find Your Way

The world of small businesses can be a daunting place at times. You started your small business because you wanted to do what you loved, be your own boss, or to serve the community you live in. Your small business has grown, you have hired more people to work for you, and now, you not only have to worry about you, but the people who are working for you. One day you realize you are spending all your time doing payroll, taxes, and other paper work when all you want to do is run your business and take care of your clients. [Read more…]


Planning for the Future

As a business owner, planning for the future is part of your job. You are always looking ahead to the next phase, project, or risk. You need to know if you can take the risk and how far you can extend your resources. Having someone to help with the planning can make all the difference, especially in the current changing financial climate. To be able to help you grow your business and plan for the future, the forecasts and projections services are invaluable to any business.

What is the difference between a financial forecast and a financial projection? The financial forecast is taking the immediate operations and cash flows to determine what the company will be expecting if everything stays the same. This can give your company a realistic idea where your business will be in the next few months and if it is time to start expanding or looking for new projects. This can also expose any problems that may need to be taken care of before a new venture is undertaken. [Read more…]


Management Information System Consulting

Today most companies have sophisticated data collection methods that store important data. However, small and medium-sized companies usually buy “off the shelf” software for their management information systems since having a system custom designed is cost-prohibitive.

Often companies find it difficult to extract data from their management information system in a way that is meaningful to them. These ready-made systems have standard reports that are suitable for most users, but also have  “optional custom reports”. [Read more…]